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Lori greymont is peddling reos now using the left over homes in the midwest.Lori does not have 10,000 in her own name but talks the talk.

Total scam and investors will get burned big time.

Look at the source of her inventory, it has passed from one large investor to another and they picked through it till the worst was remaining.

If you take a hand full of addresses you will see that it is just a front and a gimmick to get people in her fund at a minimum pop of $100,000 promising a 20% return in 5 years.Pie in the sky and time will tell.

Look at her background and history of failure.



In case anyone doing serious research is reading this, her company is not a scam. As for the condition of the properties, they are "as-is", just like many current real estate owned properties.

If you are buying property without having it personally inspected and doing due diligence on the history of the property, you will be risking complications down the road regardless of who you buy it from.


Is she running a Identity theft scam too?She is asking for my drivers licence before disclosing the address of property in Fairfield, ca ref#327.

What the heck.

Why need my id, when I just need the address to google the surrounding area for it desirability? What the heck.

I am not desperated to lose my cash for this *** woman.She has give her number on CL as ph 408-782-9162 and she emailed me back as Loraine Biagtan

Summit Assets Group

to Bambi #988091

IDs might be requested if the company and/or property have been subject to crime. I worked for a realtor who used to card people at open houses, it prevented crime, though it did surprise visitors.


I am having a similar experience with their asset ref#327 on Craigslist.Look at the response from Loraine

'Hello, thank you for your interest in our listing.

We can arrange a meeting with one of our agents if you would like to see the property. For security purposes we do require a copy of your driver's license prior to releasing the address.

Please do let us know how you would like to proceed.Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Best Regards,

Loraine Biagtan

Summit Assets Group


Contractor beware! We, along with other contractors in Alabama have rehabbed homes for one of her many companies and were never paid.

She has multiple companies, but the one common factor is her name, attached to ALL of them!

Beware of other folks working for her companies, as a third party and hiring you as well, you won't be paid!

to Alabama ***tractor San Leandro, California, United States #1182933

I got burned by her as well.Shady as they come.

Oh, and watch out for Timothy c. Morris COO.

He's a real work of art.Beware...

Pleasanton, California, United States #679397

Buyer Beware. I wished we had in 2007.


I heard of Lori through San Jose REI's newsletter.I called her and her partners to get more info.

I talked to someone in her office, but Lori and the company never followed up. $100K minimum is a lot to ask with so little information. She does advertise a lot through SJ REI. All I heard is some people believe she has integrity.

Has she been successful for potential investors?Any past or current investors having success with Lori?

Albrechtice, Moravskoslezsky Kraj, Czech Republic #265173

I have known Lori for 15 years.She has the highest level of integrity and a sincere desire to see everyone win.

It is disheartening that a site like this does not validate the person who is posting the comment and the someone's reputation can be smeared with unfactual comments. Did you know that this site requires you to pay them to have the information validated or removed?

Shame on this site.Ask for references from those who know her and have worked with her.


I would not stick my money with Ms Greymont for 5 years.That is a long time for REOs.

The best way to do REOs in Michigan and Ohio (which is where most of her inventory is) is to simply buy a property or two from a company that can assist you in at least cleaning them up and reselling them on easy terms.

Could very profitable in a couple of years

Why use her inventory when she has a minimum of $100K.This is just crazy and I think she will get burned a lot faster than she realizes.


It is very disturbing to read such vitriolic and unsubstantiated claims about someone I greatly respect, Lori Greymont.This site purports to be for consumer complaints.

Neither Danesh or Suzanna (if those are real names) has done business with Lori. It is suspicious that "both" authors use the same phrases in their missive.

I would urge any investor to perform proper due diligence before investing with anyone.Defamatory, factually incorrect comments from unknown individuals, posted on this site do not constitute due diligence.


Lori Greymont needs to do Midwest REOs for one year before getting her two weak partners and herself into a big mess with her sec fund.This soon will back fire since her back ground is very weak in the world of investing and she can hardly rehab a property under her nose let alone a few dozens foreclosures all the way in the Midwest.

I am not saying she is running a scam but very close to it.The only difference is the sec will be involved and if anyone makes 6% after 5 years with Lori Greymont's deal it will be a miracle from the heavens!


I heard her speak and she is very charming but does not know what she is doing with these homes in the Midwest.She seems new at the game and does not have all the system and support inn place.

All talk no proof and results.

I thought putting $100k with an amateur is too much.I spoke with others at the San Jose investors club and the few that knew her said her partners were weak and semi-broke!

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